Decor For Dads – A Unique 2021 Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Hey, dads like decor, too! ?

He might have lost the infamous Battle of the Ugly Recliner a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean Dad’s tastes should take a backseat to the ladies in the house. ? Amiright?

Depending on your Dad’s particular proclivity towards picking decor, you might not want to set him loose in the furniture store unsupervised, but give him a little nudge in the right style direction and suddenly you have an interiors superstar on your hands!

Heck, if your dad is like my dad, he doesn’t even want to be in the furniture store in the first place and will park himself on the first display sofa he can find! ?. But, even he appreciates being roused from his superstore slumber to get his say in the final selections.

I created this 2021 Father’s Day Gift Guide to provide some mom-approved dad-friendly options that he’s sure to love just as much as everyone else in the house does!

Let’s get Dad represented in the home decor!

The whiskey clubs, multi-tools, and travel kits are all great gift ideas that he will absolutely appreciate, too. I offer some of my own suggestions for the best wrappable gifts in this gift guide.

Get ready to knock his novelty socks off!

2021 Fathers Day Gift Guide home decor furnishings under $100items from Article, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Joybird, Trove, One King's Lane, Allmodern
2021 Fathers Day Gift Guide home decor furnishings under $100items from Article, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Joybird, Trove, One King's Lane, Allmodern

01. Leather & Jute Area Rug 02. Brass & Marble Floor Lamp 03. Bison on Maple Wall Art 60″x40″ 04. 59″ Oak & Iron Desk 05. Sandalwood Myrrh Scented Candle in Cement Jar 06. LED Desk Lamp 07. Grilled Cheese Kitchen Book 08. Solid Wood Rocking Chair 09. Top Grain Leather Desk Chair 10. Lacquer Finish Console Bookcase 11. Large Throw Pillow 12. Framed Art Print 13. Toilet Paper Holder in Rubbed Bronze

01. Area rugs can get crazy expensive, even for small ones. I fell in love with this leather and jute option from Boutique Rugs because not only is it a unique conversation piece perfect for Dad’s home office, it’s also less than $200 for an 8’x11′!

02. The Muse floor lamp from Crate & Barrel is the coolest mid-century mod piece that can fit into a ton of different decor styles. It’s 56.5″ high and a steal at it’s current price of $299. The product page claims it’s ready to ship, which is a real bonus these days!

03. Oversized art is trending and at 40″ x 60″, the American Bison on a Maple Box is designed to make a statement! Its made by Four Hands so I trust the quality is outstanding and sold by Artesanos Design. There are only a few left, so go get one for your Dad before someone beats you to it!

04. Gorgeous! That’s all I can think of to describe the Pottery Barn Burns desk. It’s 59″, so measure your Dad’s space first.

05. I picked this candle from Allmodern because of the cement jar it comes in. The scent isn’t your typical feminine candle scent, either. Its affordable luxury that I know Dads will appreciate. There are other scents and different sizes/colors if this one isn’t quite right.

06. This fun little guy is a wireless LED desk lamp! it looks like wood but is really aluminum, so read the description on carefully before buying.

07. Love coffee table books? Love cook books? But wait … do you also love grilled cheese sandwiches? Yes! Yes! aaaand yes! This book can be picked up at Amazon or anywhere else that sells books. It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited if you wanted to preview it before buying the physical book.

08. We purchased Joybird’s Paley Rocking Chair in March and it was delivered in May. We love it! You …. um, I mean your DAD … will not be disappointed. No fighting over it! This is Dad’s chair!

09. Trove has two physical locations in Ohio and offers a limited selection online, which includes the Marlon Desk Chair. Their Instagram is fire, y’all! I want everything!

10. I loved visiting the Room & Board showroom in Oak Brook, Illinois when I lived in Naperville. They always have such cool stuff, and this Copenhagen console bookcase is no different. It comes in two sizes and either blue or taupe with a steel base.

11. All Dads like taking naps on the sofa, and this pillow is perfect for propping up his head during his “I’m not sleeping!” snooze while also looking chic as sheet when he’s not ‘not’ napping. Article offers their Ren pillow in a 16″ x 24″ rectangle or 20″ x 20″ square.

12. The description One King’s Lane provides for this framed print claims it’s for children, but the pop art style is totally for grown-ups, too! This is such a fun print. Can’t you see it lending some style to your dad’s man cave or zhushing up the garage where he keeps his prized bike or anywhere else your dad likes to hang out? I can!

13. Yup! I included a toilet roll holder in my Father’s Day Guide! Dad’s tend to take a little too long in the loo, and I think it would be quite a cheeky gift ?. But in all seriousness, it really is a beautiful piece of hardware from Rejuvenation! Why not swap out that clunky. ugly old tp holder that’s been there since forever for one that will lend some style to his movements?

Ok, I’m done now ?

Happy Father’s Day!

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