The Best White Christmas Trees Are Selling Out Fast! Here’s my favorites. Which do you like best?

curious brown kitten exploring the branches of a white christmas tree with a silver ornament

A White Christmas tree search party

Word on the street is artificial Christmas trees, like so many other furnishing and home decor items, will be in pretty short supply this year. Some brands are receiving as little as 40% of their typical inventory!

The best white Christmas trees are already harder to find than traditional green or flocked trees in normal times, so I anticipate they’ll sell out super fast this year.

Ok, ok. It’s not the end of the world and I shouldn’t go all alarmist on you over Christmas trees. There’s a difference between wants and needs, and as long as we’re healthy, warm, and fed, getting our hands on a new Christmas tree this year shouldn’t be …

Oh my gosh, I just bored myself silly with my sense of reasonable practicality.

I think it goes without saying that all of us are grateful for what we have and planning on giving what we can to others who are in greater need this season.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t still want a sparkly new Christmas tree to decorate. Amiright?

A little boy holding a christmas tree cookie with white frosting and candy garland
Well, I mean, I guess this technically counts as decorating a white Christmas tree …

A white Christmas tree Story

We are way overdue for a new tree. Like, so overdue it’s actually kind of hysterical.

We’ve been making do with a white 6′ tree I purchased for $200 from Treetopia 15 years ago. Her lights went out about 10 years ago, her bottom branches have been gnawed to nothing by my now-long-deceased cat (No, he didn’t die from eating the Christmas tree! But have you ever seen sparkly kitty barf? Because I have. Every year for 12 years.), and her beautiful shimmery sparkle has faded down to a dull glow.

She’s literally disintegrating, shaking off little white strips of shiny plastic every time a breeze passes by.

And she’s only 6′ tall. Our previous 3 homes have had much … much … much taller ceilings, making the tree look comically diminutive.

But for all that, we’ve moved so much over the past few years that it just didn’t make sense to get a new tree. We wanted to wait until we bought our first home so we knew exactly what kind of tree to get for our space.

And last year was that year!

A gorgeous white Christmas tree decorated with large gold ball ornaments and silver tassels in Thailand.
A festively decorated tree in Thailand! Those tassels are everything and more!

A white Christmas tree round-up!

I really want to get both a white tree and a green tree.

And a flocked tree. And a few tabletop trees. And an outdoor tree. And maybe even a pink tree. Or an upside down tree to provide that bit of ‘quirk’ that makes a room feel special.

But because I have so loved that old worn out white Christmas tree we keep hanging on to, I want to replace it first with another white Christmas tree. A high quality tree that will be with us for decades yet to come.

I am super annoyingly picky about home furnishings and decor. I don’t believe in buying something just to buy something. It has to get an emotional attachment response out of me, while also being a good investment for what it is. Research is my jam, and I’ve looked at what feels like a trillion white Christmas trees, comparing, contrasting, reading reviews, checking specs, visiting the trees in-store when possible.

A few trees I’ve liked have already become unavailable, so if you’re looking to buy a new tree this year, too, here are my top choices that are still in stock as of the round-up post date and ready for delivery!

Order soon, because shipping times are just as unpredictable as stocking!

Winchester White Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with glitter and tree stand

Winchester White Pine Artificial christmas tree

  • Available in 6.5 ft, 7 ft, or 7.5 ft
  • Branches trimmed with glitter!
  • 400 to 500 Clear Lights
  • 798 to 1198 branch tips
  • 90-day Return Policy

Premium 7.5 ft and 9.5 ft Artificial White Pine Christmas Tree - Great Budget Buy!

Premium artificial white pine

  • Great Budget Pick under $150!
  • Available in 7.5 ft and 9.5 ft
  • Unlit
  • Sturdy Iron Base
  • 2132 branch tips

Denali white christmas tree

  • Available in 6.5 ft, 7.5′, and 9′
  • The only white tree in this popular luxury brand’s line!
  • Twinkly Light Show is on backorder as of 11/9/2021, Candlelight Clear LED appears to be available
  • 700 to 1200 lights on Candlelight Clear
  • 3475 to 6665 branch tips
  • Free shipping

Silver Stardust Tinsel Tree

  • Great price and high quality
  • Available in 5 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft
  • Reminiscent of vintage tinsel trees
  • Next Day Free Shipping
  • 5 year foliage / 2 year light warranty

dunhill fir with clear lights

  • Great Budget-Friendly Price
  • Available in 6.5 ft, 7 ft, 9 ft
  • 366 5-star reviews
  • 7 ft has 2144 branch tips
  • Quick Free Shipping

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