Boldly Hued Kitchen Cabinetry: Love It or Loathe It?

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Tried & True or Green & Blue?

The range of colors and materials for kitchen cabinetry available to the average homeowner in 2020 is astonishing, and catalogs just keep getting thicker.

It’s a really exciting time for creativity and individuality to shine, but it can also be really overwhelming when you’ve only got one kitchen and can’t decide what you like best!

Do you play it safe and stick with a classic cabinet color like white or wood tone? Or do you shout “YOLO!” and take a chance with something more daring, like black, emerald green, baby blue, or even … pink?

Design by Jillian Harris

Design by Studio DIY. Photography by Jeff Mindell

What Does Your Heart Say?

The TV show Grace & Frankie is getting a lot of credit for giving today’s color cabinetry trend a solid shove from behind into the design trend dance line, but color cabinetry was rising in popularity well before Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin even read their first script!

It’s definitely not a new idea, which is why I’m surprised that so many people consider color cabinetry to be ‘too trendy’ and are afraid it will quickly date their homes.

Color cabinetry is, I think, just as classic and ‘safe’ as wood tones and white!

If you love it, go for it!

Design by Christopher Peacock, Peacock Homes Pinterest Pin by Sanctuary Home Decor

Though it’s going to be quite some time yet before we can get to our own kitchen renovation, we’ve already decided we’re going to opt for color. Which color is anybody’s guess at this point, so I’ve started collecting inspiration on my Colorful Kitchen Cabinets Pinterest Board.

Our kitchen is pretty small, so I feel like we can really get punchy with it if we want to! I’m thinking colorful base cabinets with white uppers or colorful upper cabinets with wood tone base cabs.

What do you think?

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