Where Are We With Grey in Interior Decorating?

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Where Are We With Grey in Interior Decorating?

Grey (or is it gray?) has been having a real interior decorating moment.

And it will continue having that moment. Grey is a classic color and while it’s popularity may ebb and flow, it will never not be in style.

But now that we’re home, like, all the time, I do think people are going to start getting uncomfortable with the chilliness of the light, white-washed greys and stark whites that have absolutely dominated in 2020 and start leaning more towards deeper, warmer greys paired with browns, greens, and blues.

Wondering how I came to this conclusion?

Imagine two rooms.

One is a monochromatic palette of light, blue-based greys and whites.

Photo by Dream Finders Homes, Florida – <a style="text-decoration:none;color:#444;" href="https://www.houzz.com/photos/bathroom-ideas-phbr0-bp~t_712" target="_blank"

This bathroom by Dream Finders is gorgeous. It has a very cool color temperature.

The other room by Abbey Design is equally gorgeous, but has a very warm color temperature with it’s palette of red-toned greys and ashy browns.

Which one would feel more welcoming after a day spent on the slopes, or shoveling snow, or hanging out all day in a house with the thermostat set low because money doesn’t grow on trees?

The visual temperature of a room has a psychological impact on how warm or cold your brain tells you the room is. It’s a real mind (you can extrapolate what I was going to say here)!

Because we are spending more time in our homes, winter is coming, and 2020 has stressed us all out, I feel like people are going to crave a cozier, warmer environment that they feel comforted and relaxed in versus the more energizing effect of a very cool grey palette.

And because grey is super versatile, we’re going to see red-, orange-, and yellow-based greys surge in popularity.

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