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Front Elevation of red brick home

One of my guilty pleasures – even as a Realtor who sees houses all day every day – is peeping on other people’s houses!

I love seeing what someone else’s house looks like, how they decorated it, what it looked like before, and imagine what I might do differently or what I would suggest if they were to be so gracious as to actually ask for my humble opinion!

You too?! And that, my friend, is why we will get along just fine!

I’m super excited to facilitate all of the peeping you’d like to do at my house, because as much as I like to imagine what I would do with a house, I love hearing what someone else – someone like you – would do with the house!

Feel free to share what you think and what creative ideas hit your brain that you think would be fabulous to do around here!

I’d Love to Show You Around!

We have changed exactly nothing since we moved in 6 months ago. The walls are still sherbert orange, the floors are still a very orange oak, and we still have plastic furniture standing in until we get the real thing.

We are super anxious to start working on it and have big plans for our special little lady.

We decided to live with her as she was for the first year so we can learn about her quirks and habits, and also how we *actually* live in the house versus how we *think* we’ll live in the house.

I’ve learned, for example, that even though I thought I’d hate the kitchen layout, it is actually genius and I don’t want to change it.

I’ve learned that even though I thought a toilet room was the dumbest idea ever, it turns out that they make the bathroom much more utilitarian.

I do know I can’t wait to convert the electric stove to gas (why do we have 2 gas fireplaces, but an electric stove? ) and we need to install more windows. Considering the beautiful views all around, this house is strangely short on windows!

The Befores and the Afters

I feel like our house isn’t reaching her full potential as she is now, and I am just itching with excitement to make her *everything*!

I’ll be documenting every single project right here on the blog. The good, the bad, and the expensive mistakes. I want you to be able to learn from the error of our ways and benefit from our ah-ha moments, so I’ll be holding nothing back from you.

And please, please, please, if you have an idea for us, shout it out! Don’t be shy! We welcome any help we can get!

Take a Walk Around the House With Me, Won’t You?

This was the day of closing, in early May.

The erosion around the landscaping border is going to need to be addressed in Spring 2021. The drain pipe is where you see that brown patch of grass and all of the water just gets routed straight down the concrete border as it heads downhill.

We do love that Japanese Maple, though the rest of it will likely be ripped out.

That red door also will be out of here next year! It’s so 90s and doesn’t go with the house. I’d also love to extend the stoop and install French Doors in place of the dining room windows to create a coffee porch.

The backyard makes this house! It’s set on a hill that slopes gently back to the golf course green and a sweet little pond.

The deck gives us so much entertainment space that we don’t even know what to do with it all yet!

I would like to change out the boring grey retaining wall for something with a little more pizazz, something that feels more in tune with nature.

We also need to address the landscaping here. Theres a few hostas and a sickly Japanese Maple. We don’t know yet what we’re going to do here.

The previous homeowner planted Fish Mint all over this side of the house, and it stinks! Heavens, it stinks!

So we’ve been working on getting rid of that. It’s an invasive plant (whyyyyy??!!) so it’s a process, but we seem to be winning! I have no idea what those taller plants are, but they seem to be giving up the fight, too.

Our first big project is turning this odd little side deck into a screened porch that overlooks the pond! It’s really just wasted space right now.

This is in front of the deck from the previous photo. The selection of plants feels rather random to me, so the plan is to completely redo this section.

I’d like to extend the border out 24 to 36 inches so it can accommodate another layer of plants for height, texture, and color. This feels way too skinny for how long it is!

We also have to figure out a solution for the hill that’s just off screen here. It is so sloped that grass won’t grow well and it’s ridiculous to try to walk on it, not to mention trying to mow!

Such a great view. This is my favorite part of the house, right here.

The deck, though, is rotting through … and yes, it is purple. I don’t know why it’s purple, but it is purple.

It’s going to be a losing battle trying to save this deck, so it’s being replaced with composite decking that will definitely not be purple!

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